How to best clean Quartz Worktops in 2021
How to best clean Quartz Worktops in 2021


How to best clean Quartz Worktops in 2021


The level of maintenance required for Quartz worktops compared to granite is considerably lower. With the right level of care, your Quartz Worktops will last you for plenty of years to come. Although Quartz requires little to no attention when keeping the surface spotless there are a few pieces of advice. Using these pointers below will allow you to avoid damaging your surface. Following these rules will prevent any further damage to your worktops.

Cleaning Regularly

Spills are a normal occurrence in the kitchen, especially when making food. Oils or juices will naturally find their way onto worktops. With spills there should be no panic, use a damp cloth and slide along the surface, wet spills are the easiest to get off, especially on a quartz surface. For stubborn marks, a cream cleaner like Cif will do an amazing job at getting your worktops back to perfection. For day-to-day dust cleaning or just bring back the shine, a surface cleaner spray like Mr. Muscle is great.

Stains that will not go away.

Quartz is nonpermeable, so any stain will just sit on the surface. For any stubborn stain that has dried and will not come off with a cloth, try a plastic scraper. Soften up the mark with some warm water then go ahead and scrape it off. Once the mark is off, you can go back to cleaning with a regular wet towel or surface cleaner.

What to avoid using on your worktop?

Avoiding any unnecessary damage to your worktop is key. Not using chemicals, solvents, or even hard abrasive tools, such as rough wire wool. If one of these things finds its way onto your quartz worktop, it’s key to remove it right away. If a strong chemical is left on the work surface for a long period of time, it can cause long-lasting damage.


Heat is a factor that we always get asked about. Most quartz manufacturers claim that quartz is resistant to heat, but everything has a melting point. In this case, we recommend using the complimentary chopping board that we supply upon completion or any heat-resistant mat.

Scratches are another problem when it comes to any surface. Especially with sharp knives, it does not take too much time to realize that you can slice the surface. Following these steps will mean these steps and advice will result in it you are having a quartz worktop that will last and maintain its beauty for the years to come.

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