Best Kitchen Update Ideas for 2021


Why even bother with kitchen update ideas? It works fine, and it looks half-decent, right? Well, is that really so?

It’s true that a full kitchen remodel might not be the best idea at the moment. After all, it’s usually a pricey ordeal that costs around 4,000 pounds (on average). But does breathing a bit of life into your kitchen really have to be that costly?

In fact, the answer is no. A quick and affordable kitchen update can give you just as much joy as a complete remodel. Sure, you won’t be able to change everything. Still, you’ll feel like you have a newly carved out space in your home that’s stylish and modern.

The kitchen is often the place where the whole family gathers. It’s more than just a place where we eat. It’s also a place where we prepare warm meals (or sometimes just try to and fail), help our kids with their school work, and gossip with our friends. If we’re completely honest about it, all our kitchens have probably seen their fair share of dramas. And now that that drama is old news, we can sit back, relax and take a good look at our kitchens.

They do have a bit of a dull look to them, don’t they? But don’t worry, there are ways to change that!

bar chairs and quartz kitchen worktop

A Fresh Coat of Paint (Everywhere)

Updating your kitchen will bring you not only joy but also a hefty ROI. If you’re planning on selling your home anytime soon (which wouldn’t be a surprise, given the post-COVID rise in housing prices), sprucing the whole place a bit is a good idea. A kitchen update can boost your home’s value by up to 8%

The easiest way to refresh your kitchen and make it look new and contemporary is by painting it. Whether you decide to just paint over your walls or repaint the whole thing (cabinets included), you could make a massive difference with this particular kitchen update.

It’s vital that you pick trendy colours. But they also have to fit in with the rest of your home. Neutrals have been quite popular these past few years, especially the ones with warmer undertones. You can easily match appliances, worktops, and decor to these hues, and they look particularly pleasing.

But Don’t Forget to Add a Splash of Color

Neutrals look lovely and modern. But they can look simple and shallow if you don’t add at least a bit of colour to them.

Combining neutrals with a soothing colour that you love will make your kitchen your new favourite place in your home. For example, dark green or blue work wonderfully in the kitchen. If you have a lot of natural light, you can even go a bit overboard with these darker tones. If your kitchen is small, then brighten it up with a lively pastel version of these colours or even with a vibrant, bright colour instead.

When it comes to kitchens and colours, the world is your oyster. But there’s more to repainting your kitchen than just picking a neutral colour and an accent colour and calling it a day. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can opt for a dark, monochrome kitchen or even a black and white kitchen.

Or Entirely New Backsplash Tiles

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen an entirely different look but aren’t exactly ready for the expense of, say, changing the kitchen cabinets, changing the backsplash tiles is the perfect solution.

The kitchen backsplash tiles are the focal point of every kitchen. Or at least, they could be if you pick the right design. If you’re looking for the best kitchen design ideas in 2021, you’ll be happy to hear that bright, fun backsplash designs are in.

Showing a bit of personality and creativity in your kitchen design is always a good idea. The backsplash tiles give you the opportunity to do just that without remodelling the entire kitchen. Of course, you don’t have to make your backsplash tiles the brightest thing in your kitchen. If you’re more interested in a monochrome look, you can opt for a clean, crisp backsplash design that will go well with natural stone worktops. That way, the worktop materials can really be the centre of attention.

granite kitchen and free range cooked

Lights Can Change Everything

If you have a naturally airy and light kitchen — congratulations, it must be a beautiful sight. However, not all of us can enjoy looking at our kitchens adorned in sunlight which is why we have to install lighting fixtures.

Now, depending on when you did that last (and what your goal was back then), you might be living with a poorly lit kitchen. Now’s the perfect time to change that, don’t you think?

If you have a kitchen island, make sure to light it with fun, multi-light chandeliers or pendants. Pendants are particularly popular at the moment because they give you a sense of uniformity while also allowing you to include other lighting options.

Of course, if you want to be particularly dramatic (and if you have the necessary ceiling height for it), you can also opt for a striking chandelier. No matter which option you go with, make sure the lighting in your kitchen is modern and warm. It has to be inviting and pleasant. However, most of all, it should be practical. Don’t buy a couple of small, rustic lamps to create that popular rustic feel and call it a day. Sure, you should include design accents such as those, but they can’t be your primary source of light. Remember, your kitchen update should make it more practical and functional, not less.

white classic kitchen

Updated Hardware Can Be a Real Gamechanger

If you’re really strapped for money but would like your kitchen update to change the way your favourite room looks, then exchange all kitchen hardware. You’d be surprised just how big of an effect this seemingly small change can have.

Making all kitchen hardware uniform in terms of style and design will make you feel as if you’ve gotten new kitchen cabinets. Of course, getting new kitchen cabinets or painting over the old ones are also excellent kitchen update ideas. However, as mentioned, they are costly.

On the other hand, changing kitchen hardware doesn’t cost nearly as much, and it has a similar effect. Chrome or steel pulls and knobs will make your kitchen look more edgy and modern, while wooden ones will give it that rustic feel that everyone is aiming for. 

If you really want to elevate your entire kitchen design, then make sure to also change your faucet, so it goes with your new hardware. Opting for gold or bronze hardware will make the entire room a bit brighter and more sophisticated.

But So Can Statement Natural Stone Worktops

Of course, nothing will change the way your kitchen looks and feels like new worktops. This might not be as affordable of an update as some others on the list, but it’s definitely the one that packs the strongest punch.

Kitchen worktops are what people first see when they enter your kitchen. You want them to look modern and sophisticated. That’s why many people opt for granite or marble worktops. They look divine and are incredibly durable and easy to maintain

Of course, since granite and marble can be pretty pricey, not everyone can afford the granite worktops of their dreams (not to mention the marble worktops). Not to mention, even though white marble worktops have been in every design magazine for decades, they are no longer the leading dream kitchen design idea of 2021. Now, they share that throne with their more affordable, durable, and easier to maintain quartz worktops.

No matter which natural stone worktops you opt for, you won’t regret it. They can:

  • make your kitchen design stand out
  • add value to your home
  • last you a lifetime
  • look any way you need them to (since they are cut to measure)
  • be easily maintained

black quartz worktop

Finally — Pick Your Battles (And Stick to the Budget)

The best way to update your kitchen is to simply do a full remodel, right? Well, sure, but that’s also the most expensive of all options. If you have a budget for your kitchen update, it’s vital that you decide which ideas to incorporate and which ones to dismiss. 

Updating your kitchen appliances can add more value to your home. Alongside marble and quartz worktops, modern, smart appliances have the best ROI

However, if you can’t afford to do that (at least not all at once), it’s best to stick to some other, more affordable ideas, such as:

  • deep cleaning your kitchen (to give it that new, crisp look and to give yourself an idea where to start)
  • painting the walls or the cabinets 
  • changing the backsplash tiles and the lighting fixtures
  • updating your worktops and investing in natural stone worktops

Do you need help picking out the ideal natural stone worktops? We’re here to help! We’ll be more than happy to go over your design ideas with you and help you pick the worktops of your dreams. Schedule your consultation today and be on your way to the perfect kitchen update!


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